We are social

Feudi di Guagnano is among the most active Italian wineries on “social” media. But it has always been and above all “social”: a company that actively participates in initiatives and projects whose purpose is integration and social inclusion towards those disadvantaged sections of the population.

An important accolade by Guida Bio to the Vignesalve wines

“4 green leaves” by Antonio Stanzione & C.’s guide to the line 2019 Vignesalve, negroamaro and primitivo. First accolade for the organic wines belonging to the line Vignesalve (two wines, Salento IGP, from negroamaro and primitivo) produced by Feudi di Guagnano, a Puglia winery in the heart of Salento. The excellence of the wines has
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For the fifth year in a row Nero di Velluto has been awarded with 5 Grappoli Bibenda

Nero di Velluto Negroamaro Salento has been awarded by Bibenda, one more time, with 5 Grappoli, the most important award for a wine here in Italy. The last awarded vintage is 2016, that is the synthesis of an extraordinary harvest for our company and our wines. The previous awarded vintages are 2012, 2013, 2015, 2015,
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Vignesalve, the new organic line with a low percentage of sulphites

The period we are living in is the most extraordinary period ever, as it is rich in sanitary, climatic, social and economic changes. Today, more than in the past, the destiny of the earth depends on us: we are the masters of our future which will be influenced by our good or bad actions. The
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Negramando.it, for those who love negroamaro and not only

www.negramando.it is the online wine shop where to buy the wines produced by Feudi di Guagnano; the e-commerce has been already launched officially and in the section “About us” we explain the reasons of this ambitious project: “We love the negroamaro and this stunning land set between two seas that we name Salento. We love its
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Vinitaly 2019 Feudi di Guagnano

The 53rd edition of Vinitaly for Feudi di Guagnano will be characterized by technological innovation. This year the Salento winery has chosen to present a new line of wines with an innovative “talking label” to the biggest event dedicated to the world of wine, scheduled in Verona from 7 to 10 April.     The
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