is the online wine shop where to buy the wines produced by Feudi di Guagnano; the e-commerce has been already launched officially and in the section “About us” we explain the reasons of this ambitious project: “We love the negroamaro and this stunning land set between two seas that we name Salento. We love its daylight, its wind, its flavours. We love people’s warm welcome, the small towns still having a soul, the sun-faded houses and the drystone walls surrounding the endless countryside and its ancient olive trees. We love the patronal festivals with their imposing and baroque illuminations. We love the summer muggy evenings and the tales people tell along the streets. We love the tasty and healthy food of Puglia to be paired with the extraordinary wines proposed by It is the reason why we will love to tell you how Feudi di Guagnano saved the family vines from the neglect and from the solar panels and to disclose those technics and secrets to get proud wines that are a symbol of a hundred-year-old story”.

Once a month the e-commerce is made precious with some stunning pictures representing typical Puglia landscapes. is easy to use and allows to get advantageous prices at purchasing both new and old vintages of the most representative wines and some elegant wooden boxes.

The express couriers we use are able to deliver safely the wines and in more or less 96 hours (in normal conditions).

The payment can be carried out by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

Have a look at and discover the weekly special offers!

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