“4 green leaves” by Antonio Stanzione & C.’s guide to the line 2019 Vignesalve, negroamaro and primitivo.

First accolade for the organic wines belonging to the line Vignesalve (two wines, Salento IGP, from negroamaro and primitivo) produced by Feudi di Guagnano, a Puglia winery in the heart of Salento. The excellence of the wines has been “certified” by “Guida Bio” with the “4 green leaves”. This new guide has been created to underline the agricultural and oenological industry’s “green and environmental choices”. The new guide also makes reviews on the best organic EVO and is led by Antonio Stanzione.

The ambitious project for the production of some organic wines started in June 2016, when a “Contract of Certification” at ICEA (Institute for the Ethic and Environmental Certification) was signed: the process of “purification” of the vines, avoiding the use of any kind of pesticides and chemical products and in order to safeguard the environment and to pledge an ecological sustainability, took three years.

This period established by a set of rules for the “conversion to organic” came to an end with 2019 harvest, the same that has been awarded by “Guida Bio” 2021.



The resulting wines are two reds (negroamaro and primitivo) with a low content of sulphites and have the symbolic name of VigneSalve, that is “vines that have been saved” from the neglect and from the savage advance of the solar panels on agricultural soil, respecting the earth and the environment.


The two wines (more or less 7,000 bottles for each type) can be purchased both at some organic wine-shops and in several Italian and foreign restaurants. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the two wines have been delivered to Italian and foreign private customers since last March by express courier, respecting the health security rules in accordance with the Italian Prime Minister’s ordinances.


These two organic and indigenous wines are really versatile and can be paired to orecchiette with broccoli and beans or pasta and chickpeas (Vignesalve Negroamaro); Scottona medallion on a bed of rosemary potatoes, farmyard chicken with peppers, grilled sausage (Vignesalve Primitivo).


The wines are on sale here: € 8.40 for Vignesalve Negroamaro and € 9.90 for Vignesalve Primitivo.

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