After two year of stop, we start the trade fair tour with a meaningful appointment regarding the strong message that animates it in the manifest of the Slow Wine Coalition (an international network which joins all the main characters of the wine world: winemakers, enthusiasts and professionals of this field) set by Slow Food International.

In fact, from 27th to 29th March, in Bologna, at Slow Wine Fair what takes place is the first meeting aimed to the creation of what seems to be a real international network of “right, good and clean wine”.

And what wine is it? It is a wine which tells us about environmental sustainability, landscape protection and cultural and social growth of farmlands. It is made without using fertilisers, herbicides and fungicides obtained by chemical synthesis. Furthermore, the use of natural resources for its production should be conscientious and sustainable with a limited use of irrigation keeping an eye on the safeguard of biodiversity in the vineyards. At last, the winery that produces this type of wine should put itself as facilitator of an eco-friendly agriculture, inside the local agricultural community.

But what are the wines of Feudi di Guagnano winery that enthusiasts and professionals will have the chance to taste during the event?

First of all, Vignesalve Negroamaro and Vignesalve Primitivo made from vineyards saved by the savage advancing of photovoltaic panels on farmland.

vegamaro vegan wine

Then, Vegamaro, the first Vegan Negroamaro ever made; Diecianni Malvasia Nera which comes from a “minor” indigenous vineyard of the Province of Lecce, better known as the wine used along with the Negroamaro to obtain the Salice Salentino DOP, now main character of our range Diecianni. Rosarò, rosé made from Negroamaro DOP, crown jewel of the winery, one of those wines that never betrays the tradition and the fame of the great rosé wines of Salento. Le Camarde Negroamaro&Primitivo, lucky combination of the two most important indigenous varieties of Apulia that combines the austere rigorous style of negroamaro and the refined elegance of primitivo.

At this point, we just leave you with our invite to the fair where Gianvito and Luca will tell you the story of the winery and the stories of all these extraordinary wines, from the vines they were born in, to the glass.

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