Tour through the Negroamaro land (3/3,5 hours)
Salento from another point of view:

visit the Negroamaro Museum (a full renovated ancient cellar) where many old farm tools are kept – in the past they were used to cultivate the vines and for the production of the wine (max. 30/45 min).

visit the vineyards of Feudi di Guagnano, where some 70-75 years old magnificent “alberellos” are located. Nero di Velluto, the most famous wine of the winery, is produced by using the grapes coming from these vineyards (max. 30/45 min).

visit the winery to learn more about the vinification processes and the tasting of the most representative wines: they will be paired with some typical Salento snacks (max. 60/90 min).

visit Vincent’s artistic-existential hermitage (max. 60 min) to astonish your eyes and your mind.

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La Marenna (The Afternoon Snack – about 1 hour)

Arrival at the winery (max 25 people for each group) and presentation of the company;

Introduction to the different vinification techniques, ageing process and bottling;

Tasting of the wines (at least 3 of the 15 produced) paired with some typical Salento snacks.

On request: lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants having an agreement with the winery (the costs are not included in the package La Marenna)

The Negroamaro harvest

Arrival at the winery at 9 am and head towards the vines to harvest the negroamaro (max. 60 min). Three bunches can be picked to be brought to the hotel.

Return to the winery where some vinification techniques and the ageing process are explained.

Tasting of the most representative wines of the winery: they will be paired with some cheeses and some Salento snacks. Opportunity to taste the fermenting white or red musts (max. 90 min).

Salento dreaming

Are you thinking to spend your holidays in Salento?
Maybe you would like to learn more about Negroamaro and have a tasting along with the producer…

Feudi di Guagnano is glad to help you, for free, in organizing your Salento holiday and to suggest the best accommodation facilities and the most typical restaurants.

Furthermore you will be welcome here at the winery and it would be a pleasure for us to offer you a glass of our Negroamaro.
Do not hesitate; contact us!

Benbevuto nel Salento

BENBEVUTO NEL SALENTO offers the opportunity to discover our land from another point of view: so you will be able to learn more about our traditional wines and their story.

This initiative has two main aims:
to promote the symbol of Salento farming, that is Negroamaro;
to give for free an additional service (a visit of the winery and a wine tasting) to the all Salento accommodation facilities and to their guests.

If you are an accommodation facility, call the numbers 0832.705422 – 328.9861330 or e-mail to to ask for more information and the welcome letters (it is free of charge); they will have to be given to your guests, who will deliver them to us when at the winery (the welcome letter can also be downloaded clicking below);
if you are a guest, suggest your accommodation facility to contact us or to download the welcome letter (it will have to be stamped with the stamp of the accommodation facility where you stay to be validated).

Download the welcome letter