ICEA is certifying the Vegan and Vegetarian wines by Feudi di Guagnano

26 September 2015

The Bologna Institute for the Ethic and the Environmental Certification is certifying the production process for our first “Vegan” Negroamaro.   It will probably be the first vegan Negroamaro in Italy and will make all vegan and vegetarian consumers happy. Totally alike to the other wines produced by Feudi di Guagnanoas far as its quality […]

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Modernity and innovation following tradition

7 August 2015

The website restyling and the new App open the harvest season at Feudi di Guagnano At this point of the summer, while two important goals

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Feudi di Guagnano and Piggs Peake, “oenological similarities” in spite of a distance of 16,000 kilometres!

17 July 2014

When a courtesy visit becomes a pleasant and curious surprise   It is unusual that a winemaker comes to visit your winery. But if he comes from the remote Australia to taste your wines, to compare his experience to yours and finally to tell that his “oenological direction” coincides with yours, then you realize that […]

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2 July 2014

From next October on and for the whole 2015 two wines by Feudi di Guagnano will be in most international airports, such as Frankfurt, New York, Rome and Shanghai at Lufthansa Vip Lounges. These days’ news makes Feudi di Guagnano

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